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9 October 2017
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10 October 2017
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Aircraft Wash Foamer 50 LTR


Aircraft Cleaning Foam Aparrate | Aircraft Wash Foamer
ETS Easy Foam Aparate is produced from stainless steel. Car wash spray appliances sold in the market are not suitable for aircraft cleaning. Spraying apparatuses produced from ferrous material will rust over time and risk explosion in welding areas Since the ETS sprayer is made of stainless steel, there is no risk of rusting and therefore does not create a risk of explosion. ETS Easy Foam Aparate The most suitable sprayer for the aviation industry.

Product features:
Pleasant filling with plastic funnel
Compressed air connection 1/4
Max. pressure 8 bar
Pre-set safety valve
10m Chemical resistant hose
60cm adjustable spray gun adjustable nozzle
Level fill indicator
Adjustable air-foam mixing unit
Material: Stainless Steel
Capacity: 50l
It is suitable for aviation, food industry, automotive and industrial cleaning.


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